mango swiss roll

I have not made a swiss roll since I was taking Home Economics cooking class when I was 13 years old. That was than 2 decades ago! Haha.

Our cooking class back then was conducted by a Malay lady, who can be quite strict and fierce. One step wrong and you’ll earn her frown and hear her tsk-tsking away at your unsalvagable mess. 😛

Even though she did kind of cause me some stress (particularly when I recalled some homework not done when just about to enter the classroom), I enjoyed Home Economics cooking classes very much. The part I hated with all my being was sewing. I remember making these awful even-my-grandma-wouldn’t-wear type of culottes which went out of fashion, like in the early 1970s.

I cannot use a sewing machine. I really cannot. I have no idea how to paddle in time to make the needle and thread stick to the cloth and for the electric sewing machine, I somehow end up on roadrunner mode all the time. It’s definitely through God’s divine intervention that I didn’t sew my fingers into the cloth too.

Okay, enough reminiscing. Swiss rolls do bring so many memories back. The fun, laughter, tears of secondary school days. Ah..time passes so fast.

In my last post, I mentioned reading 孟老师的美味蛋糕卷. This recipe, however, is not from her book. I will start on her recipe soon. I chose this recipe because my good friend P gave me another 5 more small mangoes from her own mango tree. I wanted to bake a mango swiss roll but I also wanted mango to be in the sponge cake. Most recipes just bake a basic sponge cake and adds cubed mangoes or mango puree as filling.  This recipe from Honey Bee Sweets fits well. I didn’t draw Pikachu though. I had enough worries on rolling the cake well to consider making creative art. 🙂

I had such trouble making mango puree. The amount used is not much and my blender couldn’t blend it smoothly. Hence there are bits of mango in the sponge cake. In addition, I had a 12 by 10 inch pan instead of a 14 by 10 inch pan. My oven cannot fit a 14 by 10. Though I made 5 muffins and the sponge cake, I think I got a bit too greedy filling the pan a bit too much. Last but not least, I used the wrong side of the sponge cake to roll. Sob. There I was, so engrossed in making sure I had all the equipment needed to do a proper rolling (as per 孟老师’s instructions), that I used the wrong side of the cake. Argh. Then I overfilled the insides. Double argh.

For the filling, I didn’t use Honey Bee Sweet’s recipe because of my trouble making mango puree. So I just whipped up some dairy whipping cream with 2 tablespoons of caster sugar and used that and fresh mango cubes as filling.

Despite all the above arghs and oops, I think it didn’t turn out too bad. The sponge cake is soft and fluffy. The cubed mangoes adds some tartness to offset the richness of the whipped cream. Overall, the sweetness of the cake is just right for me. For those who like their cakes sweeter, you might need to add sugar to the sponge cake or use a sweet buttercream as filling.

I shall not give up. Practice makes perfect! I will attempt swiss rolls again!


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