pandan chiffon cake 2

I made the oil-less pandan cake from Wendy at Table for 2 or more again.

Well, actually it is just one day after my previous pandan bake and this is a post-dated post, as always. If my postings were to be in tandem with my baking, my blog would already be past limit and flooded. 🙂

I had galloped to the market and bought $2 worth of pandan (screwpine) leaves. To those who have not the experience, in Singapore, $2 worth is hell of a lot of leaves. Like 1 kg worth.

I painstakingly dragged the bag of leaves back home (oh my aching arms), proceeded to spend an hour standing by the sink washing and cutting the leaves up and blitzing it in my blender (oh my poor blender) with just 300-400ml of water. Blitz blitz blitz..squeeze the pulp like heck, take the murky looking green juice that looks a bit like algae pond water and pour into a covered container and stick it in the fridge. After around 13 hours, at the bottom of the container, you get concentrated pandan juice. To get the actual recipe, please visit Ms Wendy’s blog.

So all that work resulted in 3 pandan chiffon cakes. This is the 2nd one. This gorgeous jade green is achieved without food coloring!

This time round, I changed a bit of my method in making this cake. Not too sure is it because of this change but my pandan cake didn’t crack this time! Previously, I used a hand beater to beat up the egg yolks whilst beating the egg whites in my stand mixer.

This time, I used the stand mixer to first beat the egg yolks, washed the bowl and whisk really well, then started on the egg whites. As usual, when the egg whites stiffen, I reduced the speed of the mixer to low for around 30 seconds to help break up large air bubbles.

The cake texture, as can be seen, is not as ‘holey’ as the first time when I made this cake. Hmm. Is that right? Or perhaps I over-folded? But I kind of like it not that ‘holey’. Aside from the slight change in method, I used concentrated pandan juice and thick coconut milk that was sitting in the fridge for around 24 hours. I also reduced the sugar for the egg whites to 75 grams. The cake is soft, fragrant with coconut and pandan and a fantastic jade green color without adding artificial coloring. I am very happy with this cake and salute Ms Wendy for a fantastic recipe!



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