cocoa sponge cake

Foodhouse8 is one of my favorites on Youtube. It is a cooking school based in Taiwan and besides baking, they have chefs that teach on cooking fantastic authentic Taiwanese dishes.

The cocoa sponge cake from Foodhouse8 has been spoken about in the blogging community some years back about the sponginess and bouncy texture. Check out their vlog on how to make this spongy wonder.


Since seeing this sponge cake, my mind has been filled with visions of black forest cake. One of the nicest black forest cake I’ve eaten is from a bakery shop at Bukit Timah called Cake Avenue. It’s located at Lorong Kilat and they make a very nice black forest cake filled with frozen chocolate mousse. I wanted to try to make such a cake.

Here is my attempt of the cocoa sponge cake.

As can be seen, the cake is slightly burnt at the top. And the bottom too. In fact I didn’t grease the pan as per the teacher and it was pretty difficult unmoulding the cake whole.

I think the addition of glucose makes the batter easier to burn? It really got stuck to the pan quite a bit.

The cake is really spongy. Texture is densely packed with small bubbles yet it springs up fast when pinched. Yeah, I was happily pinching n poking away. With a clean finger of course. 😛

Another experiment I tried was to use the magic baking strips for the first time. Since I planned to make a black forest cake with this sponge and really did not want to waste cake by having to cut off the dome, I thought it would be good to break in those magi-cake baking strips I bought from The Cakedresser.

I bought the set that could fit 8 to 10 inch cakes. So naturally when using for this 8 inch sponge, there was some overlapping from the excess strip. I pinned the excess to keep it from flopping about in the oven. Bad idea. Take a look at the cake from another angle.

You see the indentation or slope down on the right side? Yep, that was because of the excess strip I pinned. I should have let it flop about. Sob.

On the plus side, the magi-cake baking strips really do work well. No cracking and quite level. On to the black forest cake!


4 thoughts on “cocoa sponge cake

  1. Hi there,

    I watched the video for this chocolate sponge cake and I am obsessed with the look of it (also obsessed with your black forest cake) and was wondering if you could translate the recipe for me in English? I need to make this cake tonight so if you could send me the recipe asap that would be awesome!

    Thank you so much and Happy baking! 🙂

    ❤ Nikita

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