mrs ngsk’s vanilla butter cake

I’ve been kind of obsessed with butter cake lately. I’ve been on the prowl at the bakery shops at the ground floor of our office building, looking for a good butter cake. So far the best is still Polar Puffs & Cakes.

I always remember when I was young, how happy I’d get when our family received a box of sliced buttercream butter cakes from relatives who were getting married.

Now it is not that easy to find such old time cakes. Even if found, the taste somehow is never the same.

This very good recipe is from Table for 2 or more. She in turn got it from her church mate, Mrs Ng SK. Try to google this and you’d find quite a number of bloggers have already tried this cake and it has received very good reviews.

A butter cake that is flat-topped. I had to try this. I made this with Golden Churn canned butter. According to my good friend R, baking with canned butter makes the end product taste better, as in more “lemak” (milky). At first when I opened the can, I felt the smell of the butter wasn’t that good. I’ve become accustomed to the wonderful smell of fresh french butter! Oh no for my wallet.

Once baked, however, the taste of the cake is divine. I used 250 grams of butter and reduced the sugar used in step 3 to 125 grams and the sweetness is just right. Once again the egg whites were either too stiff or I had folded too much or the total weight of the eggs were off, because there was my signature dense ribbon at the bottom of the cake. Sigh. Why oh why me? It was just a slight denseness and some parts were more than in other parts. I really need to practice more on making cakes using the egg separation method. 😦

P.S: I tried this cake again a few days later and this time, there was no dense ribbon. I didn’t use canned butter as I had finished up that can. No idea which was the culprit. I think most likely the eggs. 


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