butter bun

These butter buns are made using a variation of the tangzhong method used for the kaya buns. Instead of cooking the water roux to 65C, boiling water is added to bread flour to form a paste, which is then stored in the fridge for 12 hours before use.

The bread dough recipe is from Ms. Shirley from @Kokken. I did not make any special fillings for these buns. I just wanted to try out the dough, since Ms. Shirley mentioned the bread made using this method is softer though wrinkles may appear later.

I used french salted butter as a filling instead. The sugar in the dough was also increased to 70 grams to make for a sweeter taste.

The buns are very soft! The sweet taste of the soft fluffy dough combined with the salty french butter is so good! Nothing beats fresh homemade bread. This method does seem to produce softer bread than the tangzhong method. Using tangzhong method, the dough is also stickier and harder to handle. But that could be because I added too much of the water roux as mentioned in my kaya buns post. 😛


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