nigel slater’s black banana bread

For this recipe, I really waited until the bananas turned black. I’ve never seen bananas so black in my life. I was having a lot of thoughts about using them, namely bacteria and diarrhoea and food poisoning etc.

Well, since the bananas were kept in the fridge and we’re baking these at 170 degrees C, I figured whatever bacteria should die as well. 😛

I had many black bananas, so I doubled the recipe and there was enough for 2 regular 8×5 inches loaves and 2 mini loaves.

I did not have light muscovado sugar, so I used dark muscovado sugar. I also reduced the sugar to 120 grams per loaf and liberally sprinkled demerara sugar mixed with cinnamon on top. For the chocolate chips, I used a mixture of milk and bittersweet chocolate chips.

The texture is something of a cross between light banana cake and dense banana bread. The ground hazelnuts add good biting texture and flavor. One thought though..One has to make sure the hazelnuts used are fresh and do not have a rancid smell. Sometimes the packets of nuts I buy are not all that fresh and there is a horrid rancid smell which really puts me off.

I think I’m more used to recipes where the bananas are mashed in. For this, I cut up the black bananas into thin slices and gently folded them into the batter with the chocolate chips.

An interesting recipe, though the final flavor is extremely dependent on the ground hazelnuts.


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