pandan chiffon cake 3

The 3rd recipe for pandan chiffon cake I tried is adapted from a well-known food blogger, ieatishootipost. His quest to make the perfect pandan chiffon cake is truly inspiring and heartwarming, particularly since the reason he embarked on this quest is because his wife loves pandan chiffon cake.

I found this adapted recipe from Heaven in a Wild Flower. I followed her recipe closely, except instead of pandan essence, pandan paste or making the pandan extract with coconut milk, I just used the concentrated pandan paste I had frozen in ice cube tray. I used 30ml of the concentrated pandan paste and 120ml of coconut milk. I also omitted the baking powder.

The cake domed almost to the top of the tube in the center and cracked quite a bit, even though I made it in a 23 cm tube pan. There was not much of the browning on the sides and bottom of the cake and before cutting into the cake, I thought it could be because the cake was too moist.

On tasting it, I found it to be super soft, not too moist and just right in texture. The fragrance of the coconut is a bit too little. I believe if one follows her recipe exactly, the fragrance will be just right. The concentrated pandan paste was made almost 2 weeks ago and kept frozen. I find the pandan fragrance does dissipate quite fast even though I wrapped the entire ice cube tray in cling wrap and then placed it into a freezer ziplock bag. Nothing beats freshly made pandan paste.

All in all, a cake worth trying! I shall attempt the original recipe from ieatishootipost soon.


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