purple sweet potato chiffon cake

I bought some purple sweet potatoes from Giant supermarket on Friday. I don’t really remember eating these before, though my mum insists we did.

These sweet potatoes are gorgeous in color and denser and less fibrous in texture than orange fleshed sweet potatoes. I love them! Their taste seems more like a light yam. A cross between yam and sweet potatoes. Not as wet as orange sweet potatoes yet not as dry as yam.

I made this chiffon cake following the recipe from Evan’s Kitchen Ramblings. Instead of 4 tbsp of water, I used 4 tbsp of milk. Other than this, every ingredient is followed exactly.

There are 2 odd indentations at the bottom of the cake. This is the first time I’ve encountered this. On slicing the cake, I discovered no particular denseness around the indentations. Strange….

I really like this chiffon cake. I’m in love with purple sweet potatoes so perhaps that is why I find this one of the nicest chiffon cakes I’ve made so far. The cubes of sweet potatoes are a must-add to me. Besides improving the outlook of the cake, it makes each bite more interesting and fulfilling as you slowly chew your way through soft cake and sweet potato cubes.

I followed the instructions of the recipe and whipped the egg whites cold. I do find this bit odd since all other recipes for chiffon cakes I’ve made so far require egg yolks and egg whites to be at room temperature. But whipping cold egg whites to soft peak with sugar seemed to produce a meringue of a finer texture than using room temperature egg whites.


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