pandan chiffon cake 4

The 4th pandan chiffon cake. This time, I am using the original recipe from ieatishootipost, under kiamnianwong’s recipe.

This is a 25cm chiffon cake and I attempted a variation of this in pandan chiffon cake 3. Aside from downsizing, I did not follow much of the ingredients the previous round. This time, I wanted to follow as closely as I could.

My own adaptations are:

  1. I reduced the sugar for the egg yolks mixture to 75 grams.
  2. I washed and cut about 30 stalks of pandan leaves into thin strips and blended them with 200ml of coconut milk. I used Kara brand packet coconut milk. I strained the mixture through a tea strainer. This gave me about 155ml of blended pandan coconut milk.
  3. I omitted the pandan essence.

The cake cracked like mad. Take a look.

I think this is partly due to the baking powder added. But the addition of baking powder made for a very tall cake with fluffy texture. Out of all my attempts so far, this one most closely resembles the kind you can buy from the bakery.

Even though I omitted the pandan essence, the fragrance of pandan is quite strong since I blended so many leaves. There doesn’t seem to be much difference in taste and smell, between using packet coconut milk and freshly squeezed coconut milk.

I really like this recipe. It gives the best brown caramelized ‘skin’ on the cake so far. I aim to try this again without the addition of baking powder.


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