baked tofu cheesecake

The “pattern” on the top of the cheesecake is totally unintentional and completely accidental. I forgot to level out the batter and it turned out to look, erm, like a rose! Haha.

This is another type of soft cotton cheesecake that uses silken tofu. I got this recipe from AnnCoo Journal.

The texture of the cake is somewhat like Japanese Cotton Cheesecake, except it is a bit wetter. The taste, however, is quite sour! After one bite I rushed to check the recipe. I thought I read the amount of lemon juice wrongly. But it is 3 tablespoons! Wow.

I guess the amount of lemon juice used is to reduce the taste of the tofu. But I personally find this a bit too sour. So the next time I make this, I will reduce the lemon juice to 1 tablespoon and increase the vanilla extract to 2 teaspoons.


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