azuki beans swiss roll

This recipe is another one I tried from 孟老师的美味蛋糕卷.

I had some organic azuki red beans paste leftover and this was just perfect. The last few swiss rolls I tried using her cookbook, I found the cake slightly thinner than I liked. So this time round, I used the full portion indicated in her cookbook even though it was meant for a 14 by 10 inch pan.

I made sure to follow her instructions exactly. Previously I misread her instructions and added the melted butter into the yolk and sugar mixture.

The cake seems more springy and the ‘pores’ larger, even though I did reduce the speed of the mixer to low for 30 seconds for the egg white mixture after it became stiff peaks.

Taste wise it is great! I love the ‘sandy’ taste of red beans paste so this swiss roll suits me. I reduced the sugar for the egg white mixture to 55 grams instead of 75 grams. Maybe that is the reason for the bigger ‘pores’? Lol.

I find this cookbook really worth the money, especially the 2 DVDs that come with the book. Many more swiss rolls to come soon….


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