clone of a cinnabon

Onwards with my cinnamon rolls making. This is the umpteenth recipe I’ve tried and it is supposedly a clone of the famous Cinnabon cinnamon rolls. I found this recipe from Ms. Wendy, who in turn got it from All Recipes. This recipe has been rated very well (4,822 reviews so far). I had to try this.

The cinnamon rolls turned out super soft. No overnight resting time and no tangzhong (water roux). I love this!

It stayed soft the next day too! My only gripe is my own bad shaping and rolling skills. Plus, due to a heart-breaking & heart-aching event happening (the mynah bird I rescued and had for 4 months flew out of the sad) at the time, I let this proof a bit too long and it really puffed up into grotesque looking rolls.

I have yet to sample a true Cinnabon and I’m aiming to do that on my trip to Kuala Lumpur soon.


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