chocolate swirl cheesecake

The first of many cakes to come using my new Nordicware Original Bundt pan. This pan was a birthday gift from a dear friend. One of many that she gifted me.

The pan is really solid and conducts heat really well. The curves of cakes baked in this pan are gorgeous.

This amazing recipe is found at Bakericious’s blog. Many bloggers have tried this and proclaimed this cake as moist, chocolaty with a tangy bite from the cheesecake swirl. I had to give this a try.

Ms Jess baked this in 2 loaf tins. I thought to break in my new pan and decided to bake the cake in a bundt pan. It worked mighty well. The swirls are gorgeous!

I should have tapped the pan on the counter a few times before putting it in the oven. There were quite distinct air bubbles trapped in the cheesecake batter, creating holes.

The taste is really fantastic. It is moist, chocolaty and sweet and slighty salty tangy. Use your best cocoa powder for this recipe.


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