purple sweet potato swiss roll

Hehe..Another purple sweet potato cake?

I found a last bag of purple sweet potatoes at the supermarket and I had to get it. After I got it, I was surfing like mad to find new stuff to try out, besides chiffon cake or mantou (chinese steam bread).

I adapted this recipe from Sotong Cooks. I really like that name. Haha. For those who are not aquainted with the term sotong, it means squid in malay. In Asia, if someone calls you a sotong or a kepala sotong (sotong head), it means they think you’re blur or muddle-headed.

The original recipe was for a 12×12 inch pan and I downsized it to make it fit to my 12×9 inch pan. Yeah, my pan has been getting smaller! This pan is actually a new buy from Chicago Metallic. It is heavy and distributes heat very well.

I overbaked this cake. I baked it for 12 minutes. I should have baked for 10 minutes instead. The surface came out a bit brown but it was all right in the end, as after the refrigeration to set the roll, the brownish skin came out easily.

For the filling, I spread french buttercream over the cake thinly, then made a sweet potato paste.

Sweet potato paste

  • 150 grams of mashed purple sweet potato
  • 2 1/2 tbsp of sugar
  • 4 tbsp milk
  • 7 grams unsalted butter 
  • a few drops of fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • a pinch of fleur de sel

I mixed all the above in a small saucepan, cooked it down over a low flame till it was a bit thick and left it to cool before using.

Cake is spongy and filling is sweet and a bit salty (I think I over-pinched the salt! :P). My parents liked it!


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