chocolate marble bread (汤中巧克力大理石面包)

This is a really fun bread to shape! I was having so much fun shaping this I didn’t want to stop. 😛

I followed the recipe from Awayofmind, whose great instructions are part of the reason this bread managed to come out looking pretty okay.

Tastewise though, I think I didn’t make this very well. The bread was dense and not as fluffy as I wanted this to be. Only after the bread is completed did I realise I forgot to add the milk powder!

Then, as per the instructions, I added more milk to the plain dough and in total, I added 120 grams of milk only and the dough became quite sticky. I had to stop adding any more milk.

Due to the stickiness of the dough, during shaping, I had to add quite a bit of flour to manage it.

I brushed the bread with egg wash and the crust became quite hard. Sigh. I can say the shaping seems just  passable but I will have to make this again using the correct recipe!


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