bamboo charcoal swiss roll

Black cake! Woo~ My first black cake. I’ve never made a cake so black yet.

I was shopping at Kitchen Capers when I saw a small bottle of bamboo charcoal. Of course I had to get it. I’ve been to Lavender bakery at Johor Bahru and seen the bamboo charcoal bread before. I’ve always been tempted to try this. It has good detox benefits. I wondered if it would taste, erm, bitter?

I found the bamboo charcoal swiss roll recipe from Ms. Shirley @Kokken . She truly is a brilliant baker who inspires and she is very nice too, taking the trouble to visit my blog when I linked her recipe and leaving a comment.

I filled the swiss roll with vanilla italian meringue buttercream. The feedback received was good! I liked the moist soft cake paired with the buttercream. It is hard to get a ‘clean’ slice of cake even though I wiped down the knife after each slice. I should have chilled it a bit longer so the buttercream is harder and will not smear the cake so much.

The taste of bamboo charcoal in this cake? Practically non-existent. I could just taste a hint of something different. A very very slight dry bitter taste that disappears on the second bite. After the first bite, all I could taste was just cake and buttercream. And I’m known for my sensitive tastebuds. Heh heh.

So no worries about the bamboo charcoal tasting weird. I think if you keep to the amount indicated in the recipe, it should be fine.


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