cocoa brownies

I’ve been making chocolate brownies so far. I didn’t think brownies that contain only cocoa would taste as rich and tasty.

Cocoa brownies in my mind would taste like those mini brownies I sometimes buy from Four Leaves bakery. Pretty much no chocolate taste, floury and cake-like in texture.

I’m glad I tried these from Alice Medrich, spotted at Smitten Kitchen. They are chewy fudgy brownies where the taste of the cocoa stands out. I tried out the Cocoa Barry Extra Brute cocoa I lugged back from Hong Kong for these brownies. 

The sugar was reduced to 215 grams and I followed the instructions exactly, though I was figuring out how does one beat the cocoa brownie batter with a wooden spoon for 40 strokes? What I did was after vigorously mixing the eggs in one by one and obtaining a shiny thick mixture (and aching right arm), I added the flour in and proceeded to do a combination of stir and fold, though not gently.

I also used my Chicago Metallic brownie pan for the first time. I am so happy with this purchase! For the first time, my brownies had a clean precise cut. Hehehe. Shortcut pan. I’d recommend this pan to all brownie lovers. 🙂

P.S: Another happy thing about this recipe is it uses cold eggs. Woohoo~no waiting for eggs to come to room temperature. 😉


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