light cheddar cheesecake

I was intrigued when I came upon this cake at HoneyBeeSweets. So far I’ve always made cheesecake using cream cheese. I’ve seen cakes made from ricotta cheese and mascarpone cheese. Cheddar cheese. Hmm. I wondered at the taste. Would it be salty sweet?

great texture!

This cake is gloriously light and wonderful and the sweetness is just nice. It is somewhat like the soft Japanese cheesecake but not as creamy in taste. In fact the taste of cheese is so light you may not detect it. This cake is also easy to make and does not require much time.

The instructions are to beat the egg whites cold. As I’ve noted before, when beating cold egg whites, it does not rise as fast and by adding caster sugar gradually, it is enough to make a beautiful smooth meringue. So far using this method, the cakes made come out very fine textured with no large air bubbles. A good way if you don’t like adding cream of tartar as a stabiliser.


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