This is my attempt at the famous cake Sachertorte. It was not very successful.

The recipe is from Londoneats and the method of making this cake reminds me a lot of the Reine de Saba cake I made a while back.

Sachertorte, however, is liberally coated in apricot jam. I coated mine with apricot preserves and being lazy, didn’t strain the bits. So the ganache coating is not as smooth as it should be, particularly at the sides.

The recipe uses a chocolate icing which was a disaster for me. It turned out too thick and paste-like. I added some milk and it was a bit better but very ugly. So to salvage things, I made a milk chocolate ganache and poured it over.

By then I was totally disheartened enough to consider not taking pictures, but in the end when I brought the cake to the office, my colleagues said it looked good. So I felt slightly better. Haha.

I didn’t pipe on the words “Sacher” on the cake as I felt this cake was not really “sachertorte” enough to get the words. 😛 The cake was slightly overdone and I pulled it out of the oven after baking about 35 minutes as the smell was getting somewhat alarming (i.e. burnt). The bottom of the cake was a bit too well done and the sides of the cake was slightly burnt too. So keep a watch out. I kept to the temperature as per the recipe and that should have taken 45 minutes.

This cake is light and moist due to the use of self-raising flour and ground almonds. It is also super ultra chocolaty since I made it using Belcolade 66%, coated it in Michel Cluiziel 85% chocolate icing and topped it with Valrhona 33% milk chocolate ganache. Plus it is slightly overdone. Imagine the ‘heaty’ content. The orangy bits peeking out of the cake are the apricot preserves. Drink lots and lots of water after a thin slice of this cake!


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