sugar rolls

Polar Puffs and Cakes bakery in Singapore sells the most fantastic swiss roll, filled with buttercream and coated in caster sugar. The soft cottony light texture is really addictive.

It is also quite expensive. A small slice puts you back S$1.10. Armed with this recipe from Aunty Yochana, I decided to try making my own sugar rolls.

The cake uses a method that I have not tried before. You first whisk the egg white with sugar, then add the egg yolks in. The instructions did not state whether to beat the egg whites to meringues before adding egg yolks. I added in the egg yolks about 2 minutes after all the sugar was added.

I hate folding in flour into egg batter! Grrr…the lumps of flour in the batter take forever to be mixed in and meanwhile, I am constantly thinking I am over-folding already. Sigh. Some nifty tips include adding in the flour in 3 batches and lightly pressing the flour on the surface batter when you add it in to prevent lumps or pockets of flour forming. Tips otherwise, I still dislike this method.

The cake turned out well but after cooling, the texture became a bit dry. Rolling thus became a nightmare. Some parts of the swiss roll cracked a bit when rolling. Was it like the Polar sugar rolls? Nah…I think to achieve that type of softness and thickness, some extra help like adding in sponge improver would be needed. A thicker sheet of cake makes it hard to roll without it cracking apart.



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