pandan butter cake with coconut jam

 The first 4 layer cake I’ve attempted.

This is a 6 inch, 4 layer pandan butter cake with homemade coconut jam (kaya) used as filling, covered in non-dairy topping cream and decorated with kaya and lightly toasted dessicated coconut.

My decorating skills need lots more practice!

I used the recipe from Table for 2 or more for the Pandan Butter cake. However, I changed the method slightly and separated the eggs.

The cake didn’t rise that well. You can see quite a bit of dense parts. In fact, the cake came out with a waistline. There was an indentation inwards halfway up the cake, giving it a slight hour-glass look. When I saw that, I knew the insides would be dense with the top part not fully risen.

I’m guessing the change I made by separating the eggs had a part. And maybe the cake was too acidic. In the oven, the cake rose up to the top of the tin, but when cooled down, it shrank quite a lot and developed a figure. The smell of the cake is very fragrant with coconut and pandan. Once again, the glorious green color is from the homemade concentrated pandan juice. Tastewise, it is sweet, moist and rich. One small slice goes a long way. The texture could be fluffier. Other than that, the taste is just nice, paired with the kaya jam and dessicated coconut. It was a good try. I shall attempt this cake again.


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