pumpkin huat kuay (prosperity cake)

Not a very “huat” kueh but at least it opened up! Hehe.

Huat kueh or prosperity cake, are usually used as prayer offerings. Those bought from bakeries comes in all sizes and colors, from brown to orange to yellow. The different color by right denotes the different ingredients used. But some bakeries just use coloring to save time and cost.

Mine is a very yellow huat kueh. Somewhere along the cooking process, the orange pumpkin turned yellow. Hmmm.

This recipe is largely adapted from Honey Bee Sweets, who made a purple sweet potato huat kueh. She mentioned if using pumpkin, the flavor could be better. I actually wanted to follow her recipe but failed to find purple sweet potatoes in the supermarket. So I bought a small slice of pumpkin instead.

I followed the recipe mostly and the only change I made was the amount of milk. I used 200ml instead since the steamed pumpkin puree is definitely wetter than steamed sweet potato.

Tastewise it is not too bad for a first try. 🙂 I used 2 x 6 inch cheesecake pan with removable bottom from Magic Line for steaming. It was 4 inches in depth. Maybe because of this the kueh didn’t get to “huat” or open up very much. I thought the cake would taste rubbery and dense as it didn’t rise as much as I thought it should. But weird enough, it taste light and was not rubbery or dense at all. The pumpkin taste is totally non-existent. Haha. 250 grams is not enough to impart much of the pumpkin flavor. Perhaps it would be better to reduce the milk used and increase the pumpkin puree.



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