coconut chiffon cake

Whenever I make pandan chiffon cake using fresh coconut milk, I’d always have extra coconut milk since I buy 1 grated coconut and that usually gives me about 300ml of thick coconut milk.

With extra coconut milk in hand, I decided to try out the cooked dough coconut chiffon cake spotted at Hundred Eighty Degrees.

I had about 175ml of coconut milk to use, hence I modified the recipe to use all the coconut milk. This made it into a 7 egg whites, 7 egg yolks chiffon cake and honestly I was thinking it would be a 25cm cake. So I used a 25cm tube pan. As you can see from the picture, it is not that large a cake. In fact I think a 23cm pan would have been more than sufficient.

The top of the cake cracked as usual, even though I did bang the tin a few times on the counter to get rid of air bubbles.

The cake is moist and the sweetness is just right, with a hint of richness from the coconut milk. I have a habit when eating chiffon cake. I like to tear pieces off the slice and eat them instead of just biting directly. I love the cottony soft tearable texture of this cake. Haha. Okay, I am weird.

If you look closely, there seems to be a slight dense part on the left side of the slice of cake. I think this could be because I did not fold well and this part is probably the cooked dough portion. It is still okay in texture.

I need to make more chiffon cakes using cooked dough method!


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