cinnamon rolls biscuits

I was debating between baking yet another different cinnamon roll recipe or these cinnamon rolls biscuits. These won. And of course I’ll make the other recipe sometime later. 🙂

These biscuits were sighted at Foodgawker from Browneyedbaker. They are truly very simple to make, just mixing up the dough in 1 bowl and the fillings in another. The happy part is since it is biscuit dough, you don’t have to wait for the dough to proof.

This recipe is different from others as it uses heavy cream and no butter in the dough. The biscuit turned out flaky and rich-tasting. I had to chill the dough for a while before shaping as the weather here made the dough hard to handle.

The taste is slightly a bit too rich for me. I used thickened cream and perhaps it would have been better to stick to heavy whipping cream instead.

I think the sugar used in both the dough and the filling is not enough, if you skip the glaze, which I did. So if you don’t intend to glaze these, add a bit more sugar, especially to the filling.


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