cinnamon streusel buttermilk cake

I had 3 eggs left from baking this week. I like to bake with eggs that have not been sitting in the fridge for 2 weeks. I prefer to buy the eggs at most 2 days before I bake. Of course that does not guarantee the eggs are fresh. But technically speaking they are supposed to be fresh. Unless the supermarket or the chicken farm mislabelled them.


Only once so far, I have encountered the results of ‘not-so-fresh’ eggs. Disgustingly, that was during my 4th castella cake. The batter did not rise no matter how much I beat it. The end result was a rock hard castella cake that could have been used as a weapon.


The other time my Dad bought me some eggs from the supermarket and the yolks were white. Yes. White. I freaked out and called my parents to buy me another 10 eggs on their way home.


What could I do with 3 eggs? Not a full pound cake. Cookies tend not to use many eggs. Hmm..muffins? Nah.

Flipping through my files, I saw this cake. 3 eggs – Check. Cinnamon – Check. Streusel – Check. Buttermilk – Check.

I have not made a streusel cake before. This is my first time.

The streusel swirl is so pretty! And so tasty!


The cake is moist and soft, the streusel gives it extra bite, the cinnamon and brown sugar in the streusel gives the cake great flavor and the cardamom and orange zest finishes each bite with a fruity fragrance.

I baked the cake in a 10 inch bundt tin in a 325 F degrees oven on the middle rack for about 70 minutes. I think I could have pulled out the cake from 60 minutes on but because I tented a foil over the top to prevent burning, the top wasn’t browned much. Hence the extra 10 minutes.


The sugar for the streusel was reduced to 45 grams and the sugar for the cake was reduced to 210 grams. Yeah..the Great Reducer strikes once again. 😉


I personally think cakes made with buttermilk always takes the cake..pun totally intended.

Though the cake looks quite brown, I’m glad it wasn’t burnt. Ha. Happy with this awesome recipe from Tish Boyle, through Kokken69.


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