japanese creamy chesecake

Another magic find from gawking at foodgawker. 🙂


This recipe is from Ms. Nami from Just One Cookbook. What attracted me to this was she stated this cheesecake as light, fluffy, not so sweet and creamy. Exactly like the ones made in Japan. And it uses heavy cream, which I had loads to use up before the approaching expiry (as usual)…


This cheesecake uses a waterbath method, as per norm. I truly dislike waterbath. The bottom of the cake was wet with condensation when I pulled out the cake after letting it sit inside the oven to cool down for half an hour. I didn’t dare to wait longer than that, since previous experience tells me the cake’s bottom would be sopping wet if I waited till it was completely cool. This is not from any leakage of water into the cake, but rather from water condensation as the cake cools down.


The cake shrank a tiny bit at the sides but still turned out gorgeous. No cracks, though my unpredictable oven gave it an uneven brown top. After the apricot preserves coating, no sign of the uneven brown top. Heh heh. Tastewise, this cake is one word – amazing! Creamy, light and fluffy, it deceives the tastebuds into thinking it is a ‘not-so-fat’ dessert. So you’d reach for a second slice…be forewarned..this is that good and addictive. I guess I must continue to tolerate the waterbath hassle, since cakes made using this method are tantalisingly light and fluffy.



2 thoughts on “japanese creamy chesecake

  1. Hi! Thank you so much for linking back to my blog and trying this recipe. I also had an experience with wet bottom of the cake, so I know what you mean. After the one incident I make sure my foil is really tightly folded (my case was water seeping through from the gap). I spent so much time and effort and it was horrible to get the cake wet! Your cake looks so perfect. It’s beautiful!!! Please allow me to share this link on my fan page (or let me know if you want to take it down). Thank you again!!

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