new york cheesecake

I love how this cake turned out. No cracks and a natural ‘bowl’ to decorate with fruits and other stuff you love on your cake! 🙂

This brilliant recipe is from Nigella Lawson’s cookbook, “How to be a Domestic Goddess”. I love to watch her shows on TLC. She makes cooking seem so easy. I know a lot of professional cooks think she has no proper training and should not be seen as a chef. But I think she is great in her own way. Yes, she may not have any fancy skills in chopping or carving but she gets the job done well.


Plus, she eats and enjoys her food. That, to me, makes all the difference. 🙂


I got the recipe from My Kitchen Confessions. There are tonnes of new york cheesecake recipes out there, but what made me choose this one, aside from it being Nigella Lawson’s recipe, was because I had whipping cream that were expiring. I also loved the round figure of 750 grams of cream cheese used. Some recipes used 900 grams. Some used 1 kg. Not all added cream.


Instead of double cream or sour cream, I used 300ml of heavy whipping cream. 150ml was poured in as per the recipe. 150ml was whipped till stiff peak then folded in just before the egg whites. I totally dig the shape of the cake! Cute looking! Reminds me of a pottery bowl. Or the mortar used by Chinese back in the olden days to crush soya beans to get soya bean milk. Those who watch period dramas will understand what I mean. Hehehe.


My only question about this recipe is: are you absolutely sure it is 150 grams of unsalted butter in the base? That’s quite an enormous amount and as anticipated, the cheesecake leaked butter whilst baking. After cooling in the oven, the butter coagulated at the base nearly gave me a heart attack. And I hadn’t even eaten yet. Hahaha. Was the base supposed to be pressed up the sides as well, so the cheesecake part gets some of the butter? No specific instructions were given so I just pressed all the crust at the base of the pan.


The taste is fantabulous. 1 tiny slice is enough to get you thinking of the treadmill, but this is so worth it. You’ll be so tempted not to share. But you must. After all, good things must be shared to be fully enjoyed. Overindulged, it becomes mundane and loses its appeal altogether.


Do chill the cake in the fridge overnight if possible. I cut the cake after only 3 hours of chilling in the fridge because my mum was going vegetarian for a day for religious purposes the next day and wouldn’t be able to try. 


At only 3 hours of chill time, the cake was slightly too soft, especially around the middle. Being my first new york cheesecake, I thought I had done something wrong somewhere. However, after more than 10 hours in the fridge, it had set  beautifully and resembled what I thought a cheesecake should be. My taste testers proclaimed this cheesecake very delicious.


Make this and get a taste of cheesecake heaven….


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