chocolate peanut butter layer cake

This cake is a chocolate peanut butter lover’s must try!


2 layers of moist chocolate (85% cocoa) butter cake and a middle layer of dense (still to be improved) peanut butter cake, sandwiched with copious amounts of divine italian meringue peanut butter cream and topped with a chocolate (85% cocoa) ganache…


I spotted the chocolate butter cake recipe from Honey Bee Sweets 88. She had made a beautiful princess cake for her daughter and the chocolate cake was adapted from Mrs Ng SK’s vanilla butter cake. That butter cake is the best butter cake I’ve made so far, since it is light, moist and does not crack.


I baked the chocolate and peanut butter cake separately in a 9 inch square tin. The chocolate cake took around 55 minutes to bake.


For the peanut butter cake, I tried to adapt from the vanilla butter cake. I’m not that satisfied with the result since it is a bit too dense for me. I’m guessing I used too much butter and not enough leavening agent. So I won’t post this recipe until I’ve improved it. 


For the buttercream, I added in 1 cup of smooth peanut butter and 1/2 tsp of sea salt to 3 cups of italian meringue buttercream. It is delicious!  As for the chocolate ganache, 100ml of whipping cream was heated up until bubbling, then poured over 92.5 grams of bittersweet chocolate (85% cocoa). The mixture was stirred until the chocolate melted, then 1 tablespoon of unsalted butter and 1 tablespoon of light corn syrup was added. Stir well and cool to spreading consistency before using.


To assemble, slice chocolate cake into half, place bottom layer on plate or cake turntable. Cover with buttercream. Repeat with peanut butter cake layer and top chocolate cake layer. Coat whole cake as evenly as possible with buttercream. At this point I chilled the cake for about an hour before spreading the chocolate ganache.


In an attempt to make the chocolate ganache layer look neater, I stuck parchment paper at the sides of the cake, then poured over the chocolate ganache. This way, the sides of the cake won’t get the chocolate ganache overflow.


After this step, I chilled the cake for half an hour for the ganache to set before piping and cutting the cake. I did even out the buttercream at the sides which were messed up a bit from the parchment paper.


Cakes were baked a day before assembly. Buttercream was made a while back and frozen. I brought it down from the freezer to the chill compartment the night before assembly. It was then beaten till fluffy in my stand mixer when ready to assemble, before adding the peanut butter and salt.


It is so hard to get a clean cut, though the knife was cleaned with each cut. 9 inches is a bit too long to cut in one shot for my knife. I think I should get me a saw….:P


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