strawberry shortcake

A year ago, I started this baking blog.


Time really flies. 140 posts later, it’s a year. Totally hard to believe I managed to last this long! 🙂


As my blog birthday approached, I wondered about what I should make to celebrate. Dulce de Leche cake? Not sweet-looking enough. Another chocolate cake? Not interesting enough.

This recipe has been on my baking list for a long time. It fulfills both the sweet-looking and the interesting factors. What is so interesting about a plain old strawberry shortcake, you may wonder. Well, it is the frosting that is unique. It is a whipped cream yogurt strawberry frosting.


The internet is flooded with many recipes about this sweet treat. This version is the Japanese version, which uses a light sponge cake sandwiched with whipped cream and lots of strawberries.


I found the recipe from Piggy’s Cooking Journal. Her cake is beautifully decorated!

I followed her recipe for the cake. For the frosting, by reading the comments left on her blog, I thought the 500 grams of yogurt might be a bit too much. 300ml of whipping cream against 500 grams of yogurt should not make a spreadable frosting.



I could not find strawberry powder, so I substituted with about a tablespoon of strawberry fruit paste. I whipped the cream, sugar and strawberry paste till stiff peaks, then folded in about 250 grams of yogurt. It was too runny to be pipeable. I just managed to slather this frosting on to the cake and I had to keep chilling it.

The odd thing is, as it was being chilled, the frosting somehow kept together. But when I tried putting this frosting in a piping bag, it just flowed out like water. So I gave up and whipped up some cream and piped it on. I’m wondering if there is a typo error and the recipe should be 50 grams of yogurt instead of 500 grams.


Or maybe the yogurt is special type? I used a Japanese brand I found at Medi-Ya supermarket. For this cake, I bought Nissin Violet flour, Hokkaido 3.6 milk and this Japanese yogurt. Yeah, I went all out to make it with as many Japanese ingredients as I could. I couldn’t find Japanese whipping cream or I would have used that. 😛 I’ve been mad like that lately, wanting to use as authentic ingredients as I can find to make stuff. Not that local is not good. I just want to try out if there is any significant difference. By the way, the Hokkaido milk tastes amazing. It tastes even nicer than the milk I drank at Hida, Japan. It is fragrant and rich in taste. It makes me want to moo. Yes, I sneaked a tablespoon to taste. The rest will be used for other cakes and breads. And if I can’t finish the milk before expiry, well, I’ll just have to drink it. Hehehe.


Back to the cake. I used a simple sugar syrup (1 tbsp caster sugar + 3 tbsp water + 1 tbsp Grand Marnier) to moisten the cake slices before spreading with cream. This kept the cake wonderfully moist and soft.

The taste of this cake is sourish sweet. The sour part comes from the strawberry paste and fresh strawberries. It is almost impossible to buy sweet strawberries here. Paired with the sweet, soft and moist sponge cake, it somehow all comes together nicely! Reviews given by taste testers are good! I’m happy.


So a happy 1st year birthday to my blog! I’m wondering if I can last much longer, since everyone around me is getting mighty fed up with eating my baked goods. Haha. We shall see….


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