hokkaido milk toast

Excuse the bad shaping skills. It really is not easy to make nice looking bread. I painstakingly weighed out my dough and made sure each portion is the same weight.

I used the stated size recommended for the loaf tin and still it didn’t work well. Ah, I can only blame it on my poor shaping skills.

The first hokkaido milk toast I am baking and I followed the recipe from Christine’s Recipe. I used Hokkaido 3.6 milk and since I had only 50 grams of whipping cream available, I topped up the 9 grams shortage with milk. For the flour, I used Nissin special bread flour bought from Meidi-Ya supermarket. Yeast used is Super Cameria Yeast.














The resulting bread is soft, moist and fluffy. For the tangzhong, I used 35 grams of bread flour with 78 grams of water and 97 grams of milk. This made exactly 184 grams of tangzhong!


I think I cut it a bit too close. I was desperately scraping the bowl to make 184 grams. Thank God I made it. 😛


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