hokkaido milky loaf























First successful attempt at a square sandwich loaf! It’s tough to figure out how much dough to put in the tin to get a square shape. Too much and the crumb ends up squished and dense. Too little and you get odd shapes. See the next picture to know what I mean.




























This hokkaido milky loaf recipe is from Ms Angie at Angie’s Recipes. No butter is added to the dough. This bread recipe gets all the fats from the cream and milk.


I purposely used Nissin Bread Flour, Nissin Super Cameria Yeast and Hokkaido 3.6 milk to make this bread. The bread is soft, fluffy and the aroma whilst it is in the oven is heavenly.


It was made as a promise to my dear friends and colleagues as a sandwich bread for…..otah! Otah is a spicy fish paste usually wrapped in banana leaves and grilled over charcoal fire. It is a must have at barbeques here. My good friend and colleague P, who is from Muar, Malaysia, brought some otah to the office to share. Muar is famous for producing good quality otah.


The taste of fluffy, moist bread and spicy otah…sublime…


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