durian soft cheesecake

Durian season is here again! Time to start baking all the wonderful durian stuff….


This recipe has been bookmarked by me since a year ago, when I started this blog. The method is different from other cheesecakes I’ve made so far, in that it uses a simple sponge cake as the base of the cheesecake.


My worry was the steam bath and the 1 hour cooling time in the oven would cause the bottom of the cake to be wet. Amazingly, it was not wet at all! Yep, there was some usual water condensation at the bottom during the cooling down but the parchment paper stopped the majority of the water from seeping into the sponge base.


The taste is simply “durian-licious”! Light, soft and moist cheesecake that contains the fragrance and richness of the Cat Mountain King (猫山王) durian with a spongy cake base to enhance the whole experience. A perfect light cheesecake to indulge in for tea.


Recipe is from Ms. Grace at Kitchen Corner. I reduced the sugar for the sponge cake to 125 grams and increased the sugar for the cheesecake to 75 grams. Do taste the durian pulp used. If it is very sweet, then do not increase the sugar in the cheesecake. The durian pulp I used was bitter-sweet.



3 thoughts on “durian soft cheesecake

    • It is not a stupid question! It is a tropical fruit grown mostly in southeast Asia, is green/greenish yellow in color and has a thick tough prickly shell that can seriously injure if the fruit hits you on the head. Haha. Most westerners do not like this fruit because of the extreme pungent smell. It is an acquired taste but most Asians love this fruit and call it the king of fruits. 🙂 Blessed happy Christmas to you and you family..and a wonderful new year ahead!

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