designer chocolate baby grands

designer chocolate baby grands

This amazing cupcake can only be described as a luxury chocolate cupcake.


A soft fluffy chocolate cake, drenched in milk chocolate ganache syrup and covered in a lacquer glaze. What a chocoholic’s heaven!


Such a creation can only be from one of the greats in baking-dom. Yeah..Rose Levy Beranbaum. This cake is from her book, Rose’s Heavenly Cakes.


Though lengthy, the end results are totally worth the time taken. You need to read through the recipe at least 4 times and probably will need to consult the recipe quite often during baking.


I first saw the recipe at Table for Two or more…and was intrigued by the sound of the wonderful cake that does not harden in the fridge. Ms. Wendy was saying this cake is made with chocolate mayonnaise and since mayonnaise never hardens in the fridge, you can expect this cake will not harden either. 🙂


On further surfing about this cake, the general comment is that the amount of batter is way too much for 14 cupcakes. After making the cake, I understand why. Though I was careful to weigh the batter and distribute 21 grams to each cupcake liner, the cake rises quite a bit and for me, it rose in the centre, forming an unsightly hump. To flatten it, I cut off the dome as much as I could but that was not a totally good idea since when the laquer was poured on, as it cooled, it was absorbed into the cake and the ugly top was exposed. Sigh.


designer chocolate baby grand1The solution seems to be to lower the oven temperature in order to get flatter tops. This was discovered by accident. For the 2nd batch, I lowered the temperature to 160 degrees C . 2 cupcakes near to the door of the oven (which is slightly lower in temperature than the rest of the oven) managed to bake almost flat.


Everyone had laquer glaze left over. I used up all of mine and it was not enough! Haha. Imagine the copious amount of glaze I happily poured over each cupcake.


I followed the recipe from Frozen Wings as it included the laquer glaze too. The only change I made was to reduce the sugar for the cake to 100 grams.


This cake truly does not harden! This would be a wonderful chocolate cake base to use!


Note: At 21 grams of batter per cupcake, I made 20 cupcakes. But I feel the cake part a bit too little to be enjoyed fully. It’d be better to reduce the oven temperature and increase the baking time slightly to try to get that flat top.



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