cantonese egg tart

egg tart2

The last post for 2012! Another year flies by…


This is my second attempt at egg tarts. The first attempt was a try at making one of Hong Kong’s most famous egg tarts – Tai Cheong Egg Tarts. That was a ‘not-as-wonderful’ result since the recipe given was in error.


This recipe is from Christine’s Recipes. There can be no error this time.  🙂 Her blog is full of wonderful recipes and photos guiding you along the steps. It is easy to get it right so long as you follow along.


I followed her recipe exactly. The egg custard is too sweet for my taste. I would reduce the sugar next time I make these. The crust is a tad hard and dry, though I followed the recommended temperature and and was within the cooking time stated. The tarts were baked at 200 degrees celcius for 13 minutes, then at 180 degrees celcius for 12 minutes. My oven temperature is pretty accurate and I’ve got an oven thermometer too, making sure the temperature is correct.


I think I’ll reduce the cooking time to 10 minutes each turn and see how it goes. I could make these again as gifts for Chinese New Year, if I feel lazy and don’t want to make kueh lapis. Hehe. These will be perfect gifts, provided I improve the shaping skills. Haha.


egg tart3

Last day of the year and it is raining steadily here. There goes everyone’s plans for countdown! Me? I’m counting down in my bed, under my comforter, watching movies on my iPad. A great way to end the year, in my opinion…:P


2013 onwards, I’ll be posting less often. I didn’t get tired of baking. But the people around me sure got tired of eating! I do get tired of lugging my baked goods to work. It’s heavy, I tell you. Particularly when you’re either on foot or taking the bus or train. Then the endless pleading for others to take my food. Sigh. I figure I might as well not make. Save myself some money, time, effort, frustration (when thinking how to give stuff away) and tears (when I have to bin them because no takers).


Have a happy new year ahead!



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