ginger milk curd


I am so excited over this successful attempt I had to post this!


Haha! Finally I got this correct. I’ve been attempting this wonderful dessert since I tasted it eons ago at Hong Kong and everytime I made this, I failed.


This dessert is really not that hard to do. The ingredients are real simple, just milk, sugar and mature ginger, but the catch is you have to get the temperature right. The right temperature causes the coagulation of milk proteins with mature ginger juice. No steaming is required. If you made it right, in 5 minutes, you’ll have your delicious ginger milk curd.


Honestly the right equipment helps heck of a lot too. The first few attempts, I was using a stone pestle to pound the old ginger and get the juice. That would work too but I think most of the white powdery residue didn’t get extracted in my attempts. I presume that powdery residue contained most of the protease (sourced from Wikipedia) that caused the solidification of the protein in the milk.


This time round, a Microplane zester bought from US Amazon was put in use to grate the ginger and a digital cooking thermometer was bought to check the temperature. The lengths I go to to get my ginger milk curd fix….zzz.  Just before pouring the milk into the bowl, I stirred the ginger juice well. I used Marigold Fresh Milk containing 3.8g fat per 100ml and heated that to 85 degrees C before pouring into a Pyrex 2 cup measuring cup and monitoring the temperature till it reached 80 degrees C. Do note you have to pour in the milk from a height of at least 15cm into the bowl containing the ginger juice. This is to “pull” the milk and helps to distribute the ginger juice well too. Once the milk is poured in, do not move the bowl. In 5 minutes, it should solidfy. To check, place a spoon on top and it should not sink.


Oh yeah, don’t be so silly like me and forget the sugar too. I was too excited. The first bowl I made this round contained no sugar. I only realised it after I poured the milk in. Then I dashed to get the sugar and sprinkled it on top. It sank a bit, then the milk coagulated. Haha. It was still delicious though.


One slurp of this and I am in heaven..taken back in time to Hong Kong. Ahhh..bliss. A great way to start a new year! Woohoo!


Try this and get addicted. Recipe is from My Baking Diary. I quadrupled the recipe and made four delicious bowls. All worked well. 🙂


Warning: Ginger is real heaty so this dessert can’t be taken too often. There was a time when I was bull-headed enough to do 2 batches of these and both failed and I had to drink hot ginger milk. Got myself a fever the next day too. Hahaha.





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