chocolate chestnut cake


For a limited period, Isetan Singapore was selling organic Japanese chestnuts. I love chestnuts. Having been fortunate enough to go Japan and eat Japanese chestnuts, I knew these would taste awesome.


I am a greedy person. You cannot let me decide on how much ingredients to buy for a meal. I invariably end up buying at least twice the amount needed. So, when I went to get the chestnuts, I ended up buying..erm..a bit too much. I believe I lugged home 1.8kg of organic Japanese chestnuts. They were outrageously expensive but very worth the money.


3 days later, after giving away some and eating more than quite a bit, I was left with around 300 grams in the fridge. I’ve done chestnut cookies before and I was not up to going through the many steps (and equipment cleaning) to make mont blanc cake. I found this cake instead, at The Ordinary Cook.


I adapted the recipe and changed only the sugar content. I increased it. Yep..increased, because of the dark chocolate! I used salted butter, 72% cocoa dark chocolate and upped the sugar to 210 grams in total, split into 150 grams to beat with the egg yolks and 60 grams with the egg whites.


Though I followed the temperature of 170 degrees C, the cake cracked horribly. Perhaps a lower temperature and a longer cooking time would be better for me. The cake took about 1 hour 10 minutes before setting, even at 170 degrees C. When cooled, it turned into a choco-licious, chestnutty moist cake that takes you a long way with a small slice. Sugar is just nice for my taste. Those with a sweet tooth may need to increase accordingly. This really depends on the how dark your chocolate is. ;P


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