yuzu honey castella

yuzu honey castella

I fell in love with the fragrance of yuzu fruit when I visited Japan for the first time. Though bitter in taste, the peel has this extraordinary fragrance that captured my heart.


I did not manage to get yuzu powder during my last trip to Kyoto. Blame it on my own laziness. I did not research properly and it didn’t even cross my mind to get some, until I was back. Sigh.


I read that Medi-Ya supermarket did carry some yuzu powder. This is the bottle I bought.



The powder is not as fine as the one that can be bought from Kyoto. I tried to pound it but it remained almost the same. So I just soaked it for 10 minutes in the hot water/honey mixture.


The yuzu honey castella recipe is from Ms. Sonia of Nasi Lemak Lover. I doubled the recipe and reduced the sugar to 200 grams in total. I think I will increase the sugar to 220 grams next time. The cake did not rise as well in the centre, as can be seen in the picture. I always seem to have trouble making cakes which calls for whipping the egg whites then adding in the egg yolks. I’m more suited to folding in method? Lol.


Inspite of the uneven rising, the cake tasted interesting. As mentioned, the sugar content can be slighly higher. The yuzu lends a delicate citrus fragrance and bitterness in the cake. A tangy aftertaste remains on your tongue for quite a while after eating. All in all, a cake worth the effort.


Note: My colleague who is fluent in Japanese told me it is likely this condiment I bought contains pepper as well as yuzu, and is used to flavor dishes. Hahaha! She ate the cake and commented she tasted pepper. No wonder….so this cake should be pepper yuzu honey castella. Interesting combination!



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