vanilla macarons with avocado gula melaka buttercream and marron buttercream


These babies were made in a baking class I attended at Tott’s. Tott is a superstore featuring all the kitchen equipment, utensils and bakeware that you can imagine. The only things they don’t carry much are baking ingredients. They do have some, but not as wide a variety as at other baking supplies stores.

I originally wanted to attend a class teaching french macarons using the normal french method. This means mixing up all the dry ingredients in one bowl, then whipping the egg whites with sugar into stiff peaks before folding that into the dry ingredients. I thought this class was using this method. The chef used italian meringue method instead. This is a safer way of making macarons as the chances of failure are not so high.

Half of the egg white is mixed into the dry ingredients. The other half is placed in a stand mixer and slowly whipped whilst at the same time, a water syrup is heated up to 118 degrees Celcius. The chef did not use a thermometer to test the temperature. Instead, he taught us a neat trick. When the syrup has thickened, to test if it is ready, you dip a fork into the syrup and holding the fork facing downwards, as the syrup drips off the fork, you blow at the tines of the fork and if a bubble forms when you blow, it is ready. It was fun, though I was engrossed with blowing and did not see the bubble. My partner in the class saw though. 🙂

I will not post the chef’s recipe here, since it is by him. I tasted them and though sweet, when paired with the filling, somehow they were just right. I love the avocado gula melaka filling. The marron filling is good too.

My first macarons with feet…….*BIG SMILE*


4 thoughts on “vanilla macarons with avocado gula melaka buttercream and marron buttercream

    • Ah well. I’ve been trying since I took this class and I still have not managed a decent macaron! I believe it’s the 5th try or so already. Hehe. Macarons are sure finicky high class cookies. I intend to keep trying. Do try making again! I’m morally cheering you on!

  1. That sounds really interesting! I am signed up for a class with some friends but the first one they had available for us is in September! I need to practice before then, macarons have been on my to do list for years now…

    • It’s really fun to do! The only time I got them right was in the class but they are still worth the trying. I look forward to reading your macaron post. 🙂

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