cranberry cream cheese bun (“pai bao” version)

cranberry cream cheese bun

What is a “pai bao”? It is Cantonese for “buns in a line”. These type of buns can be found in many local bakeries in Hong Kong.

I was attracted to this recipe as it uses cream cheese. I’ve been meaning to make bread with cream cheese, since I found using cream cheese in pastry improves it. On surfing the net for cream cheese buns, I came across this wonderful recipe from Ms. Sonia of Nasilemaklover. It uses only 50 grams of cream cheese and it is good if you made cheesecake and have some cream cheese leftover.

That’s part of the frustrations of baking, having leftover of this and leftover of that which you have to use before the expiry date.  But it’s much easier now than in my mum’s time. At least now we can surf the net for “bread recipe 50 grams cream cheese” and get many results. Hehe.

cranberry cream cheese bun1
fluffy soft texture

The buns are super soft and easy to handle. I hand-kneaded the dough and found that it takes much faster to reach window pane stage than other breads I’ve made. It took me only 45 minutes. Other breads I’ve made took at least 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours! Proofing took 1 1/2 hours for the first rise and another hour for the second rise.

I am very happy with these buns. Some are going to be my breakfast tomorrow. 🙂


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