passionfruit tart


Why is passion fruit called passion fruit? I never thought much on the name. Then as I was browsing through Kimmy’s Cooking Pleasure’s passion fruit recipe, I was linked to another blog, The Fuss Free Chef, who explained the reason behind the name. The fruit is named by missionaries because the parts of the flower resembles the torture (a.k.a. the Passion) of Christ.

Interesting! Ms. Esther has several pictures posted on her blog regarding passion fruit. Hop over (link above) and take a look. I’ve drank passion fruit juices and coolers before but I’ve never eaten the fresh fruit itself until recently. Now I’ve fallen in love.

I love the beautiful fragrant smell, the tangy sweet pulp and the crunchy seeds. This fruit is going to be part of my fruits diet from now on.

This wonderful recipe is from Butterbaking. Quite a coincidence that I saw her post on passion fruit tart just as I was wondering what I can make with this new found love. She mentions these tarts beat chocolate tarts. And she loves chocolate. I’m a follower of her delightful blog and she really loves her chocolate. Nutella is one of her favorites. She makes many types of chocolate cakes, chocolate/Nutella bars, cookies and desserts. So for her to say these are better than chocolate, it means a lot.


They really are wonderful. The pastry is buttery and crumbly, yet strong enough to hold up as you slice. The fragrance of the butter is enticing. Then as you take the first bite, the beautiful smell of passion fruit hits you, followed by the smooth custard with a tang of sour coming from the passion fruit. It is a match made in heaven.

You’ll have to make this tart to try, in order to understand why it beats chocolate. 🙂 Something I’ve observed from this tart. The custard doesn’t change color on cooling, not like egg tarts. I always loathe how my egg tarts change color from a vibrant yellow to a very dull yellow (sometimes greenish-yellow) color after 3-4 hours from baking. I think the Vitamin C in passion fruit helps keep the color.

8 inch version
8 inch version

I made an 8 inch tart and a 4 inch tart as I didn’t have a 10 inch tart case and I have way too many bake-ware to consider buying anything else. Unless it is Le Crueset. Then I will happily find space. Hahahaha!


2 thoughts on “passionfruit tart

  1. It looks beautiful! I’m so glad that you enjoyed it, and am happy to hear you follow the blog 😀

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