banana cake

banana cake

This is another banana cake recipe I have tried. It is from and I found it by searching for “banana cake 100 ml buttermilk”. Ha! As usual the leftover buttermilk had to be used and I am delighted to find this recipe using exactly the amount I have left.

I did not make any frosting, seeing as nobody around me likes frosting much. The cake was well received, though a tad denser than the other banana cake I have tried. I baked these in 2 6 inch removable base cake tins and they took me around 40 minutes to bake.

banana cake slice

I pretty much followed everything for the cake, except the sugar. I reduced that to 150 grams and the sweetness was just right. The original amount is way too much, as can be seen from the response from readers.

This is the first cake I’ve made using food processor and I’m mighty pleased it turned out well. I was kind of worried about over-mixing and the cake not rising, but that didn’t happen. Try this recipe for a simple afternoon tea treat.


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