custard puffs again

custard puffs

A short post…

Another custard puff recipe, first spotted at Bisous A Toi.

It is found at The Kitchen Guardian, who attended a class by Chef Safura Atan.

The choux pastry uses quite a lot of eggs.  I think I used eggs that were too big. When I piped out the dough, it could not hold its shape and the design from the piping tip was also not distinct. If I try this again, I will use eggs that weigh 55 grams with shell.

The vanilla custard cream is gloriously wonderful. The addition of 1 cup of whipped cream makes for a light, creamy flavorful cream. The portion of cream made is quite a lot. I had some leftover even though I piped the puffs to bursting. No matter, one can always eat it by the spoonfuls. 🙂


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