mini croissants


Croissants, again! After the last 3 tries were failures, it took a while for me to consider making croissants again. The effort and cost of making croissants, plus the frustrations of having to work in a non air-conditioned room in warm weather, caused me to delay my next attempt.

I was so delighted with the encouragement received from fellow bloggers on my last attempts. Baking is not about succeeding every time. I think it is about at least attempting. Fear of failure will get me nowhere. If I don’t succeed at first try, I will try again and again. Unless my oven fails. Ha! Then I have to wait a while because I’ll have to buy a new oven.

This time, I followed the recipe from Faraway From Home. Ms. Rose left a comment on my last post on croissants, asking me to try her recipe. Her recipe is easier for beginners, because the dough has higher hydration and thus it would be easier to roll out. Incidentally, she has also gone through many attempts to come up with beautiful croissants.

It was a rainy day when I made these. The weather was somewhat cooler and yes, the butter still poked out. Yes, the dough separated slightly. But I am happy to report better results with her recipe. Though the inside of my croissants are not as beautiful as hers, I am content. When warm from the oven, the outside is flaky and the insides are soft and buttery.

In my previous attempts, I mistakenly kneaded the dough past medium gluten development. No wonder the dough was fighting me like it was in a boxing ring. Ha! Croissant making, like everything else, takes practice.

I used Echire butter for this batch. At first I didn’t want to, because I had no confidence of success and Echire butter is expensive. 😛 I mentioned this to my mum and her reply was: “Have confidence!” I am glad I did. The aroma and the taste of this butter is outstanding.


If you want to try this recipe, hop over to Ms. Rose’s blog. Her explanations and step-by-step details are clear and easy to understand. Thank you, Ms. Rose, for this wonderful recipe!


5 thoughts on “mini croissants

  1. Great job Bee Bee! It took me more than 5 times to achieve what you have right now, about 5 more times to come up with this recipe and great, consistent results. Fear not, I am not saying this to discourage you because you are well on the way to a perfect croissant.

    I am no fortune teller, but seeing your commitment and courage, I am sure that after a few more practice, you can achieve it! 🙂

    With lots of luck,


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