Apologies for the nasty lighting in the photo. I was enjoying my first homemade yogurt at night and it was too good not to share. 🙂

This very simple recipe is from David Lebovitz. His instructions are clear and detailed. He even tells you how he keeps his yogurt warm as it incubates. Ha! On his heated floor, with a glass separating the yogurt from the floor.

Having no heated flooring in Singapore (it would kill us as it is already too warm), I resorted to the slow cooker for the incubation. I must say that I was quite worried since the heat would not be able to be kept constant for 10-12 hours. Keeping the slow cooker on, even at the lowest setting, would be too warm. The live cultures in the yogurt would die.

Crossing my fingers, I wrapped the jar in a kitchen towel, then placed it in the warm slow cooker and turned off the power. The next morning, I woke up to beautifully set yogurt. There was no whey on top! The yogurt was chilled in the fridge for a day and I ate it last night. Brilliant! Without adding milk powder, it was quite thick. The taste is quite tart and er..stretchy. That is the only description I can think of. Stretchy because when you spoon up the yogurt, the portion below the spoon will stretch and slowly dribble down. Like meringue! I am satisfied and henceforth converted.

“stretchy” yogurt

I used Marigold Low-Fat yogurt as the starter, 1 liter Marigold fresh milk to make the yogurt, and a digital thermometer was used to note the temperature.


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