gateau au yaourt

gateau au yaourt

This cake was made using homemade whole milk yogurt.

The recipe is spotted from Little Teochew, who got it from Chocolate & Zucchini.

The texture is dry and there were a few large tunnels within the cake. Taste-wise, on the day it was baked, it is slightly chewy with a slight tangy aftertaste. Sweetness is just right.

I used the largest pan I had, which was a 9 inch removable base round tin. The cake turned out slightly short and the sides were slightly overdone at 35 minutes.

gateau au yaourt1

According to Chocolate & Zucchini, the flavor of the cake will develop more the next day. I thought my cake not as successful, until I looked at the cake at Chocolate & Zucchini. Mine looked almost the same.

The next day, the cake tasted better. Much more moist than when just baked and the tangy sour aftertaste was gone.


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