durian macaron

durian macarons1

This flavor should not be easily found in Europe, if at all. Heh-heh. Durians are well known for their pungent aroma, which some likened to rubbish or even used socks. Hmmm. Smelly socks smell like durian? I don’t think so.

Durians are an acquired taste and are the love of many Singaporeans, Malaysians and Thai. The concept is similar to some types of cheese which stinks horribly to some, while others love the smell and taste. My love affair with this thorny fruit began when I was just barely able to walk, perhaps even before I knew how to pronounce this fruit. They were happy memories, the times when my Dad would buy 5 or 6 durians and everyone would gather around, waiting for him to open the fruits.

durian macaron2

This round, I used Silpat macarons mat to bake. Shermay’s Cooking School was having a 15% discount if you bought 2 pieces. I couldn’t resist. I have read comments that baking with Silpat resulted in macarons with shorter feet. It was not so for me, though I had some trouble gauging the baking time. At 18 minutes, 150C, the macarons were under-baked and stuck to the Silpat on removal. I increased the temperature to 170C, baked for 20 minutes and moved the tray to a lower rack. The macarons turned brownish, including the feet, and some were still stuck to the Silpat. Sobs. I did cover the top with a large piece of aluminum foil to prevent browning. Perhaps it would be best to leave it be. More testing needs be done.

macarons drying
macarons drying in air-con room

The macaron shell is using the same recipe as the lavender macarons. The filling is my own creation, though it needs improvement. I blended a mixture of durian pulp and butter and folded these to whipped heavy cream. It was too wet a filling. By the second day, the shell had become soft. 😦

Reluctant to throw away the macarons, I placed them in the freezer to harden up. The resulting sensation is kind of like eating ice cream, provided the macarons were gobbled up before they thawed.

Another lesson learnt. Macaron fillings cannot be too liquid.

I had made a mistake, thinking the thick durian pulp, combined with the butter, was enough to counteract the liquid portion of whipped cream. My other idea was to make durian cream cheese filling. Guess that would have been the better choice.

mini durian macarons
mini durian macarons

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