beetroot macarons

beetroot macaron

Woohoo! Another year comes to an end!

These babies are made with beetroot powder. The recipe, once again, is from the trusty Jill Colonna’s base recipe. I adapted it with beetroot powder. Beetroot is a fascinating vegetable full of nutrients such as folate and manganese. I used to eat it steamed, when I followed a special diet to lose weight. I have no idea who the originator of the diet was, nor can I find it easily now. It contained tuna, crackers, beetroot and…….ice cream. Yeah, ice cream. Weird isn’t it? Apparently all the food carefully planned over the 3 days were supposed to have some reaction when eaten faithfully and cause you to lose weight.

Did it work? Erm. I think it did, for the first few tries. Then after that, it stopped working. So I went diet-shopping again. I’ve tried plenty. Juice diet, leek soup diet, fasting cleanse etc. None really worked out until I got on the Herbalife program. Herbalife works, but following the program needs plenty of discipline, self-determination/motivation and support from loved ones.

Beetroot macarons (adapted from Jill Colonna)

  • 50 grams egg whites
  • 55 grams almond meal
  • 10 grams beetroot powder (suggest reduce to 5 grams)
  • 80 grams icing sugar
  • 25 grams castor sugar

For the method, it is in my previous post. The 10 grams of beetroot powder could be a bit too much. The macaron batter was dense and the finished macaron shell had a “bumpy” look to it, even though I did blitz the almond meal, beetroot powder and icing sugar for 3 minutes on the food processor. I find using vegetable powder in macarons has a thickening effect on the batter.

beetroot macaron1

The color of the unbaked macaron was a gorgeous magenta. On baking, it turned lighter and the next day, became slightly brownish. Sigh. The taste and fragrance of beetroot is undetectable in the finished macaron. Before baking, particularly whilst mixing, I could smell a sweetish sourish smell from the beetroot powder. Pity the smell cannot be retained after baking. For the filling, I chose to use a simple cream cheese frosting.

That’s it for the year! Wishing everyone a wonderful year end celebration and a happy new year!


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