kueh bingka ubi

keuh bingka ubi

Another wonderful nonya kueh from Cooking for the President.

This cookbook is a worthy investment!

I spotted the recipe and cooking method from Kitchen Tigress. As usual, she explains everything very well.

If, like me, after grating the tapioca you get less than 1 kg, adjust the other ingredients accordingly. The taste is slightly sweet, so for those who do not like their kueh too sweet, you can consider to reduce the sugar slightly.

The most tedious procedure is the grating. No one sells grated tapioca at the market near my home, so I used a food processor to grate it. That tends to leave some larger bits that I have to fish out before baking. Perhaps after grating I should have blended it slightly to ensure even texture.

The taste is wonderful! Soft even when cold, chewy with a coconut fragrance. The pandan fragrance is very subtle, perhaps because I didn’t know how to mash-knead it well.

keuh bingka ubi1

My kueh is white because the tapioca I used is white fleshed variety. I prefer not to add food coloring if I can.

A very easy bake, so long as you get your ingredients ready and remember not to over-bake. I baked for 1 hour 10 mins and grilled for the last 5 mins to get a more caramelized top.


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