a bit about eelms

Welcome to my simple blog!

I feel I need to clarify about the name of my blog. I have not been baking for a while and so was totally unaware of this brilliant baker named Joy the Baker when I set up this blog. Only later did I realise, when I was surfing around the net for recipes and by the time I did, I couldn’t change my blog name. So, no intentional copying here…anyway I’m light-years away from her expertise and her beautiful photography.

More about me…I am a simple woman longing for a simple life but am not getting it. Sunny Singapore is my homeland. As I age, I realise living a simple life is really not as easy as I used to think! Humans are complicated, by nature. Haha.

When I started the blog in 2011, my name was eelmsthenovicebaker. However in August 2013, I ‘graduated’ myself to being eelmsthebaker after succeeding in making macarons. 🙂

I am working a full time job from Monday to Friday (sometimes Saturday too) and when I’m not working, I like to spend time reading, playing online computer games and watching movies, particularly Korean drama.

After a break of 5 years, in 2011, the baking bug bit me again. I’d been posting my baked goods on Facebook and got good comments but my nephew told my sister I was posting wayyyy too many food pictures. His actual words were: “Mummy, why ah yi (means auntie in dialect) always take pictures of food ah?”

So this blog is for me to post all my baking creations and disasters. Food adventures too, if time permits. I have just realised how time consuming it is to post entries! Never-ending revisions..

Off to baking~~~


23 thoughts on “a bit about eelms

  1. Dear E Elms, you are not a novice baker!
    You have an amazing blog… if you ask me, with material I found on this blog, you can publish a book already! In the San Francisco Bay Area, there are several great Chinese and Far Eastern bakeries which carry sweets, some of which you have posted here and some of yours which I have not seen elsewhere (may be some in Japan). Please keep up the great work, I am a fan! 😀 Fae.

    • Dear Fae, thank you so much for your kind words! 🙂 I still consider myself a novice coz there are more difficult stuff (like fondant cakes) I wish to attempt.
      Your blog is amazing and covers not just cooking/baking. So glad I followed. 😉

  2. Humans are complicated! Hahahah, that is really true and constant.
    Love your Homeland, I’m a big fan of Mediacorp 98.7 fm.
    Great recipes you got here and nice photos as well! Kiponblogging 🙂

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